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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 4, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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new this morning, san francisco businesses that were hit by vandals in advance of that may day protest earlier this week are getting some unlikely help. i'm christie smith. i'll explain coming up in a live report. another huge fire destroys a home in the south bay. how crews were able to protect the homes next door. and a vta employee credited with finding a missing teenager. we'll let you know exactly how this happened. and a live look outside, a picturesque look over san francisco. how do you like that? some orange to go with your morning. it is friday, may 4th, this is "today in the bay." a very good friday morning
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to one and all. moments before 4:31. i'm jon kelley. let's check things out outside and get your forecast with ms. christina loren. >> we had a little drizzle out there. give yourself plenty of time this morning. let's go ahead and check that drive with mike see how it's working out. >> good morning. we'll take you over to the golden gate bridge. there's some overnight construction. a couple of seconds ago i saw the crew moving past the midway point. they were clearing the lane. one northbound lane was blocked like yesterday, but they cleared it earlier, i think, we'll double check on that for you. we saw a clear view of it will lights across the way. fog not an issue for visibility through the north bay and getting for the bay bridge, we'll watch things will change dramatically. an accident in the east bay coming up. help is on the way to a neighborhood in san francisco hit hard by vandals. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live where one leader is stepping in to get help for all the merchants.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. and happy friday. this all happened late monday. but you can still see the signs of the vandalism here this morning on valencia street here with the boarded up windows and the spray paint. now he is encouraging the public to donate to the we pay donation site that was created by facebook designer ben blumenfeld. on monday night, about 100 demonstrators broke off protesting economic inequality in advance of may day actions on tuesday. many of the occupy sf movements say they don't condone this and weren't a part of it. but regardless, the group smashed car windows and store front windows. and a lot of these are small and locally owned businesses. according to one report, nearly $7,000 has been raised to help out. and the idea is to give it to the businesses that were hit the hardest and need the most help.
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san francisco d.a. will be on valencia this afternoon at 1:30 encouraging people to help. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." a san jose home. just a smoldering ruin this morning. the raging flames of the three-alarm fire consuming the house on topaz avenue about 8:00 last night. fortunately everybody was able to get okay. though one person was treated for smoke inhalation. an aggressive response prevented the situation from being much worse. >> what we try to do is contain the fire to the house of origin and not let it spread. and that's what we did. and we were aggressive by calling this a third alarm quickly and getting a lot of resources here so the fire won't extend and didn't extend to the houses next to it. >> there was some damage to the home next door, but not as severe as the home that actually burned. so far, the cause of this fire unknown. well, some new details about
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another tragic fire in san jose. we've learned the 6-year-old boy rescued from the burning town home on tuesday has died. the boy's mother was killed in the two-alarm blaze that started in the garage below the unit. five other family members, including the boy's father survived. fire investigators at this point still not exactly sure if the apartment had a working smoke detector. well, the community are sierra lamar disappeared seven weeks ago, is now better equipped to prevent another abduction. holding a self-defense class for the teaching of their tools so to say last night. they say the best defense, be aware of your surroundings, which means no texting while walking to your car. it is possible that sierra's disappearance may have never happened with some self-defense training. >> looks like she got into somebody's car. if she knew what we were telling them, don't ever get into someone's car. if someone has a gunpointing at you and says get in.
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i'd rather take a gun shot wound and try running because i'll probably never be seen again. >> well, tonight, a fundraiser will be held for sierra lamar. and that will be in fremont at holy spirit parish hall starts at 6:00 tonight. well, the jeweler taking matters into his own hands and a would be thief pays with his life. it all happened at the jewelry store on broadway street near illinois street in vallejo yesterday. police say the suspect jumped over the counter, pulled the gun and walked toward the back office. that's when the store's owner grabbed his own gun and killed that suspect. the dead man is identified only as a 37-year-old hercules resident. well, one of the officers in the so-called dirty cops investigation now scheduled for sentencing this morning. 39-year-old lewis lombardi pleading guilty to nine criminal counts admitting, yes, he did steal drugs, money, and property while working with the san ramon
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police department. now facing a possible 60-year sentence, but he is cooperating with the government and will testify against his former boss and another officer also arrested in that investigation. a santa clara man behind bars after he was arrested for allegedly holding a teenage girl against her will. and it was a vta employee who is getting credited with rescuing that teenager. 23-year-old merced pacheko facing false imprisonment and sexual assault charges. now, being questioned on tuesday, she confided in a vta fair inspector at the rail station that she was being held against her will. fair inspector legrand described his run-in with the girl. >> and she said he's holding me. and i said what do you mean? she said, well, he won't let me go anywhere. he doesn't let me do anything by
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myself. he's just keeping me. and he's -- he's not letting me go. >> investigators right now still trying to determine whether that relationship between the two was consensu consensual. an assistant principal in jail this morning accused of molesting a student. police arresting 32-year-old joseph rigito on campus wednesday. the alleged sexual assault on a student happened off campus back in september. regito is in charge of student activities and also the adviser to the sophomore class. the school principal and another assistant principal have been placed on administrative leave during this investigation. the news of his arrest coming on the heels of a cheating scandal at leland back in march. well, the search for the embattled supervisor nadia lockheed's replacement now underway. starting to accept replacements
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for her job. she resigned last month after three months of turmoil. back in february she was assaulted by her boyfriend at a newark hotel, and then went on leave to go into rehab. she is married to bill lockheer. right now, it's friday, you're wondering what's happening outside to get ready for the weekend. christina is here to tell us about it. >> we've got a great weekend shaping up, which is what you want to hear on the final day of the workweek. getting to the work this morning not going to be as easy as it could be with a little bit of drizzle out there. we've got thick, low clouds. i cranked up your radar all the way this morning. so as you can see, a little bit of substance on there. the temperatures are on the mild side. slated to hit the 70s again. light, spotty activity, mostly in the south bay. what we expect throughout the morning hours, we'll likely have to use the windshield wipers and
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you'll find split conditions out there. give yourself plenty of time. we've got a warm-up on the way. a big-time warm-up. temperatures in the 90s in some cities as of sunday. make sure you've got your beach gear ready to go. and a dry breeze. i'll take you to the full forecast, your seven-day in just a few minutes. >> it's 4:39, we're looking at the area, you're talking about some drizzle, mist, damp roadways. that's what i found on 880. down here as you're passing by stevenson where i drove down to san jose, northbound, an earlier accident, but also some activity, a couple of squad cars there, lights on the hillside. there was activity continuing for at least a little while. but the incident still on the report. no lanes are blocked and no slowing. the south bay a nice, easy drive. highway 87 right by the sign. northbound side, we see slowing already north of capitol. that's early, the volume like we talked about was early.
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i'll let you know if there's any other incidents or disturbances to report. 101 continuing up through the area, out of the area through palo alto. embarcadero is blocked and a lane or two blocked up to the willow exit with construction going on for another hour. but no major issues for 101 all the way into the city as far as speeds go and the other side of the bay. 880 shows a nice drive past the oakland coliseum. it's friday late, the commute kicks in a little bit later but it's still got a commute. it's the bay area. >> that's right. semanti semantics. a new survey revealing how california drivers feel about sharing their lanes with motorcyclists. it's called lane splitting and it happens when you see the motorcycles maneuvering going in the very same direction. now, california is the only state to actually allow it. but a survey by the california office of traffic safety finds only 53% of drivers actually know it is legal. and 87% of motorcyclists
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surveyed say they do it. even more frightening, 7% of drivers admit they've tried to prevent it by cutting off motorcyclis motorcyclists. that is not too smart. well, brace yourself for cinco de mayo crackdowns. extra check points in full force this weekend. dozens of law enforcement agencies planning to keep an eye on cinco de mayo partiers all weekend long. check points set up throughout the bay area tonight and tomorrow. extra patrols also set to start tonight in the south bay in anticipation of those large party hard crowds and all the traffic too. the crown jewel of horse racing happens this weekend. we will have a preview of a kentucky derby festival. yahoo ceo finds himself in hot water this morning for putting false information in his company bio. plus, how much is it going to cost you to own a share of facebook? and for all your news,
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weather, and traffic, check us out on facebook. it's very simple. you merely search nbc bay area. and there we are.
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welcome back, everybody, on a friday morning. thanks for getting up with us.
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that is a live look at san jose. the sun not up just yet. but once it does get up, it's going to be a nice weekend. something extra to smile about. the fact that, oh, yeah, it is friday. actually only 4:45 right now. yahoo doing a little damage control after the ceo admitted to a very embarrassing mistake on his resume. at issue, scott thompson's resume and company bio. claims he earned a college degree in computer science at stone hill college when he did not. he graduated four years before the college began awarding computer science degrees. now one yahoo investor is asking for thompson to do some explaining. >> the fact when you lie, you violate the trust that people tend to initially put in you. and when you do that, then the question becomes, well, if he's lying now, will he lie later?
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>> yahoo is confirming thompson does not have a computer science degree, just an accounting degree. the tech company calls what happened "an inadvertent error" and they are standing by their man in a statement to nbc bay area. new unemployment numbers getting released in an hour from right now. and for a look at how it's affecting the markets, we turn to jackie live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you. take a look at the futures in a second, i want to start with facebook, planning to price shares for the upcoming ipo at $28 to $35 each. that would value the network at $9 billion. shares expected to price on may 17th and trade on the nasdaq on the 18th. hitting the road for the next few weeks to sell the ipo to investors. the tour kicking off in new york, visiting baltimore and the midwest as well as california. facebook is posting some material about the ipo in an
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online video. zuckerburg saying he wants to keep facebook free for everyone. and the futures are lower as investors may be playing it cautious ahead of today's big economic data, that's the april jobs report. hiring expected to have picked up last month with forecasts calling for payrolls to rise by 168,000, but unemployment expected to hold steady. we did see stocks fall on thursday, despite the better than expected unemployment filings, that was offset by a growth in the services sector. the dow dropped nearly 62 points to 13,206, the nasdaq losing 35 to 3,024. and mortgage rates falling to record lows. the average rate on a 30-year fixed loan dropped to 3.84% in the past week. that move coinciding with several pieces of disappointing economic data raising concerns about the strength of the u.s. recovery. jon, back over to you. >> thank you very much for the updates. this saturday's full moon is something we're told you do not want to miss. it is called, yes, a super moon.
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a super hero. it'll be the closest it gets to earth all yearlong. and it'll appear about 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal. the best time to see the super moon is just after sunset around 8:30. someone who can tell us about that with the sunshine and the super moon on the horizon, ms. christina loren. >> we've got a good-looking weekend. and the good news is, we don't have super low cloud cover for the forecast for saturday or sunday night. we're going to get spectacular viewing conditions. this morning, not so much the case. you can barely see the sky out there. full deck of clouds out there. really heavy low clouds generating that light drizzle or mist, drist, i made up a word. thank you, jon. coming down on the peninsula and the south bay, but for the most part we are nice and dry all the way from santa rosa down to san francisco. as the system pulls out, this is what we're left with this morning. you'll be likely using your
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windshield wipers up to san jose. 53 in sunnyvale to start. nice, mild day shaping up. we're going to clear out throughout the morning, starting to get a little bit breezy. but those winds will help to blow all the cloud cover out of the way. dry and sunny, 70s return, and we have the 80s in the forecast. so when i talk about 70s rushing, i'm talking about places in the east bay, the south bay, gorgeous conditions. in san jose yesterday, just about as warm today, but boy, oh, boy, we crank up that temperature as we head through this weekend. 80s return as of tomorrow. couple of 90s in the forecast through this sunday. 71 in concord, 56 in san rafael. holding on to the low 60s right by the bay. windy conditions by the bay, as well. so you'll have a little bit of a windchill factor for the first part of the day. by sunday, 83 degrees in san jose means 90s in places like gilroy and morgan hill. monday, even warmer.
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and tuesday, if we hold on to that sweet stride, temperatures maintaining 80s. beautiful, beautiful days as we head through next week, overall, looks like we're getting out of that traditional rainy pattern here in the bay area. enjoy that sunshine, jon, back to you. >> that deserves a round of applause. thank you for that. love the sunshine. this morning, thousands of race fans get ready for this weekend's big-time kentucky derby. that's right, the 138th run for the roses happening tomorrow. the kentucky derby, you may not know this is the nation's oldest continuing sporting event, more than 160,000 people packed churchill downs last year alone betting millions on that race. and this horse here, hansen is a favorite. not that horse, that's a woman. that's the horse. but experienced derby goers know this weekend is just about more than horses. >> kentucky, the smaller the woman, the larger the hat. if you have a personality, wear a large hat, go for it. >> yes, the correlation of
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betting and hats and all that is like the marriage thing over in england. you can catch and watch full coverage for this year's run for the roses saturday starting at 1:00 p.m. right here on nbc bay area. another setback for the giants. panda down and out. we'll let you know exactly how long he'll be on the d.l. next. and no problems on the roadway. no disabled cars. we're looking at a smooth drive for 580. we'll show you where things are shaping up for this friday commute and how the patterns look for your drive.
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welcome back, everybody. not so bright, very early. live look over san francisco, that's the transamerica building over there, but i do like when it's dark out like that and you get that majestic look over the city like gotham city. it is 4:54. well, the giants, yeah, getting a little too familiar with that disabled list this year. brian wilson, aubrey huff out for a month. panda expected to miss four to six weeks after breaking a bone in his left hand. that's very painful. having surgery today in palo alto. here's the deal, broke that same bone in his right hand last season. he ended up missing a total of
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41 games then. but as we all know, in the world of sports, yet the show must go on. the giants hoping to avoid a sweep by the marlins. but the bruins get out and get swept. marlins keep the giants at bay winning 3-2 to close out that series. the giants trying to get back together tonight starting a series against the milwaukee brewers. well, san jose state now set to make a big-time announcement about its sports programs. an inside source confirming to nbc bay area the school will move to the mountain west conference for the 2013 school year. san jose state had long been a member of the western athletic conference also known as the wac. they will make that announcement at noon today. right now we're going to make an announcement on your traffic. what's happening on the roads? still only 4:55. mike is on top of it. >> i'm going to join the big four, the big highway 4. and it is driving smoothly westbound as 64 shows up on our sensors here. not a problem, but we'll watch because even on a friday, we
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will have that start slowing right around 5:30. maybe a little after, though, a little start there. carquinez bridge moves smoothly out of the north bay, up into the northbound or eastbound respectively. we may see some slowing as a lot of folks tend to make get aways. but the ski season hasn't been great this year. there may be folks holding off for the slush right now. a nice easy drive toward the bay bridge, as well. construction crews may be hanging out around the incline, but no major issues as far as the speeds go and no metering lights. light volume for 580 and 880 in oakland, as well. >> and you remember earlier this week we had that tricked out dorm room? well seems like may be in a little bit of trouble. the school not digging it. he's a college freshmen at u.c. berkeley. remember he decorated his room. had all the bells and whistles, disco ball. turn things off like the clapper. he even posted a video about his room. kind of cool there. i wish i would have rolled like
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that in college. now comes word u.c. officials might not be too e nnamored wit the innovations. he's not too worried about it. he's planning to move off campus in a week anyway. going to take his tools to a room he has to pay for off campus. well, still ahead on "today in the bay," it is cinco de mayo weekend and gearing up for those festivities. why they are stepping up patrols. plus, a gang sweep in sane' where the suspects were found.
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new this morning, san francisco businesses that were hit hard by vandals earlier this the week are getting some unexpected help today. coming up in a live report. >> and san jose police are getting ready for the


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